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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 24, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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38 santa cruz rest of us low to mid 40s, san francisco, antioch fremont 48 half moon bay 50. today glasses, you will need them. coast 50. rest of us in the mid 50s partly cloudy sky. traffic has been light this morning as you with would expect on a holiday. >> sue is off today. a look at southbound 101 before cesar chavez, hospital curve, stall blocking right lane, traffic light you shouldn't have much trouble getting around. now a live look at the golden gate bridge. do we have it? we'll get it for you, coming up and let you know what is going on. traffic light almost every place this morning. people in palo alto are on high alert this morning waiting and watching to see was next at the creek. already flooded and there are concerns about the levee
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holding. terry mcsweeney is live in palo alto with the latest. >> reporter: good news about the creek. it is going didn't even in the past half hour -- it is going down even in the past half hour since our last report dropping, good news for the people here, the result of the rise last night because of the rainwater resulted in a number of evacuations. last night flooding began at the four seasons hotel in palo alto, 101 at university avenue exit, at one point the chp was escorting cars past there evacuates, hunts in the garden subdivision in east palo alto had to be -- hundreds in the garden subdivision in east palo alto had to be escorted out, no rain overnight, no rain now, this creek is going down. there's a long term plan to stop this from happening as often. >> we have a lot of work to do
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at this creek. [ inaudible ] we have a three phase project to increase water flow under the bridges that go out to the bay. we are working on it, but it is a three-phase project and we need more funding to make this >> reporter: they might need more state and federal funding because there is going to be an investigation today, i should say a look-see at 600 feet worth of levee that is showing signs of giving way. it didn't give it showed weakness, they are going to be checking it out today to see what needs to be done there in the meantime, the creek continues to go down. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the napa river has crested below flood stage and is receding this morning after a flood warning was issued yesterday. that prompted the closure of the downtown riverfront promenade as a precaution.
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locals were confident the river would not flood and they were right. today it is predicted to crest again at 16 1/2 feet, 16 inches below flood stage. in santa cruz county the water rose so fast, 40 families of felton grove had to leave their homes the san lorenzo river reached four feet over flood stage yesterday, a tree fell on power lines knocking out electricity to nearby communities. getting in and out was a challenge after heavy rains forced closure of southbound highway 9. in the north bay they are still dealing with aftermath of flooding and high winds. giant fir tree split the roof of a house in forestville yesterday. power lines were damaged, nobody was hurt. lucky no one was inside the club pleasanton when a big redwood crashed through the
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roof, crews cut branches and cleared out debris. portion of storm damage highway 1 in san mateo county reopen small rock and mudslide near devils slide yesterday morning forced highway patrol to close it, crews quickly cleared it. larger mudslide earlier this month forced a stretch of highway 1 to be closed for almost three weeks. stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. mike will have the full forever cast in a few minutes. you can check live doppler -- 7 hd any time on we would like to you share your weather video or pictures . send them to ureport. or or on
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twitter. our time is 5:05. right now, legendary san francisco sports bar is giving people a last minute chance to drive by and make christmas brighter for a bay area child. amy hollyfield is live at lefty o'dowells in san francisco where they are collecting toys for the needy. >> reporter: they have a big goal they want to gather 15,000 toys. they are off to an okay start some of the bins have toys. there are empty bins and they are hoping you will stop by and help them fill up these bins. you are going to have fun here if you stop by there is going to be entertainment. lee has been busy setting up, can you give us a minute lee. tell us if people stop by what will they satisfy and hear?
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>> this morning they can have breakfast with mayor ed lee, police chief, fire chief, mta head, our new adviser, a number of vip's and choirs from -- >> reporter: sounds like the choirs are warming up now. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: what is this lee? >> this is the world series trophy, the giants say we can have it as long as with we get really good unwrapped toys. they would like everybody to buy giants' stuff you can bring anything and get your picture taken with this. tim on america's got talent will be playing at 10. >> reporter: that is a score it shows the city behind the toy drive. >> you drive by, maybe you can't come down we need 15,000 toys, so -- [ inaudible ]
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what a great cause. putting us in the holiday spirit. we'll check in with mike. >> trying to get around will be easier than it was over the weekend. live doppler 7 hd radar and satellite over the last three hours, northwest flow in our sky right now bringing in a break right now in the form of drier air at least mid and upper parts, ground saturated, thickest fog now santa rosa at that reporting station down to three miles in livermore, fog
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developing east bay valleys. system pulling away and heading for the high plains, behind it, here's our break, quickly behind that, another moisture laden system. this next system will have rain but it won't be like what we dealt with over the weekend, that's tomorrow. today partly cloudy, low to mid 50s from noon to 4:00, may see a few high clouds, cooler, low to mid 40s this evening. rain returns tomorrow, mainly during the afternoon into the evening scattered showers wednesday, dry thursday. we are keeping an eye on traffic this morning. sue has the holiday off. we start with a map, southbound highway 101 at hospital curve, there is still a stall blocking right lane. also looking at drive time.
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>> all mass transit is on time except for ace train no service on ace this morning on christmas eve. bart, caltrain, muni all on time, now this is live look at highway 87 in san jose, another spot where the traffic is light and zipping along. next, surprising new revelation about mitt romney's run for the white house. why his son says, he was a reluctant candidate. pulling the nation back from the fiscal cliff why congress may be selling the new year on capitol hill. >> first america's money report. good morning. topping america's money, last minute shopping, many shoppers haven't finished. consumer reports says 17 million will be shopping today, more than 60% will throw in the towel and get those gift cards. so far, a quiet holiday season at the malls, analysts say shoppers are worried about the
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budget stalemate in washington delayed by superstorm sandy and depressed by the connecticut school shooting. retailers hope today will make up for that many federal workers have more time to shop, president obama gave them today off, many government offices are closed. financial markets closing early as are most post offices. the hobbit topped box office again for the second straight weekend, it took in 37 million dollars more than double any other movie even though many did their last minute shopping instead that's
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. just about 5:14 thank you spore spending your christmas eve with us. live look towards san francisco, beautiful lights, bay, rain is going to take a break for a while because we had a gully-washer over the weekend. more about weather and traffic coming up. u.s. senator free on bond in morning after being arrested on drunk driving charges near washington, d.c.. police in virginia say they stopped idaho republican michael crapo after he ran a red light. he failed a field sobriety test and booked into jail released on $1,000 bond he will be back in court january 4th. mitt romney's son said his
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dad never wanted the top job. tag g romney said his dad was reluctantly convinced to run. he said he wanted to be president less than anyone i've met in my life. he no desire to run. tag g romney said he and his mother -- helped convinced them to run he says his father loves the country but dislikes the attention. senator bickering over who is to blame for bringing the country to the edge of the year end fiscal cliff are calling on congress to get back to work thursday as soon as third christmas break is over. president obama will return from hawaii as well. gop leaders are predicting évu e new year will come out an >> reporter: some republicans lawmakers say president obama wants the country to fall off the fiscal cliff. >> we were gonna go over the cliff before, and now because it is what the president wants you cannot negotiate with someone who does not want to
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negotiate. >> reporter: boehner failed to get votes thursday, friday boehner and the president left town with no deal, each making a parting pitch. >> the president: i've asked leaders of congress to work towards a package that spreads tax hike on middle class americans, protects unemployment insurance for two million americans and lays the groundwork for further work on growth and deficient the city reduction. >> president's solution of raising tax rates could be red ink for as far as the eye can see. >> reporter: the partisan bickering has put the country on the brink of potential economic crisis. >> it is the first time that i feel it is more likely that we will go over the cliff than not. that, if we allow that to happen, it will be thekñg)p mot colossal consequential act of congressional responsibility in a long time.
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>> reporter: president obama is in hawaii for christmas. he says, he will cut his vacation short to try to hammer out a deal. the deadline a week way andrew spencer, reporting. president obama is giving federal employees a present, he's issued an executive order giving workers at most federal departments the day off today, it excludes workers who have to remain on duty for reasons of national security, defense or other public need, many of president obama's predecessors had also given a holiday on christmas eve. people are up early, ready to shop, travel, red to -- [ laughing ] >> all of the above. good morning. [ unintelligible ] good morning. coming up on 5:18 we are looking from sutro tower down
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on what is a dry san francisco all the way to the east bay where it is dry. speaking of -- all major airports on time, flight tracker always there at the bottom of every page. live doppler over the last three hours even the snow starting to wind a little. -- to wane. even with the rain coming, it is going to stay below flood stage, good news. 37 santa rosa just updated these numbers, 38 napa, thickest fog, 42 livermore, los gatos 41. 44 san jose, redwood city, 49 san francisco, 43 or 45 around monterey bay and inland.
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partly cloudy, dry today, wet and breezy for christmas day tomorrow, mainly dry chance of a shower thursday and sunday remote, mainly dry thursday through sunday. we deserve a little break. low pressure while we were sleeping moved, high pressure moved in temporarily, next storm looks impressive, wet and breezy, won't be as impressive as the last couple that came through. 5:00 in the afternoon heading into the evening, high clouds start to take over dry overnight through the morning hours, we'll wake up to dry conditions tuesday morning as we head into the noon hour, christmas day, steady rain moving into the north bay, rain in all of our neighborhoods into the afternoon moderate rain along 80 from fairfield to san francisco, 3:00 to 5:00 in the south bay, once we get past that, scattered showers for tuesday night into
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wednesday morning. wednesday into the early afternoon, after that dry air comes in wednesday night and that will hang around until thursday possibly through the weekend. quarter to half inch east bay and south quarter to 3/4 peninsula, possibly up to an inch and a half in our mountains. have a great day. we are keeping our eye on traffic for you. look at the maps now, flooding on highway 121 between 116 and 37, petaluma and napa, you may be thinking alternative route here because of the problem, we'll keep you informed with drive times this morning, pretty much right on track as you would expect very little traffic out there today. >> live look at i-80 through berkeley, volume picked up a little not anything close to what you see on a normal day it is christmas eve after all.
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>> it would be an awfully early time to be on the roads on this holiday. >> 5:20. why thousands in eastern chile will be spending christmas ready to evacuate. queen issues her annual christmas greeting. next, the added dimension that is making this one special. today on katie, special christmas eve show, military family separated because of the father's deployment. katie makes sure they will have a christmas to remember. [ inaudible ] .
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in chile a volcano threatened to erupt has forced a red alert for yesterday the most severe alert in the warning system that volcano has people in nearby towns ready to leave. yesterday officials in several small towns made plans for possible mass evacuation. the geological and mining services evacuation at this time are not necessary. the last significant eruption was a dozen years ago. >> incredible pictures there. nothing as dramatic here today, lucky we've seen enough drama with the rain. a break today, one day so far. good morning partly cloudy, temperatures in the mid 50s for most of us, upper 40s to low 50s at the coast, a little
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breezy from time to time. rain in socal where heading now, snow tapering in the sierra. good day to get up to the sierra, if you can. more snow is on the way tomorrow and wednesday when we get our rain they are going to get more snow. if you can, get up there today. 58 fresno, southern california mid 60s for you. 5:25. sue is off, so you got us. we are doing the best we can. mass transit times, no delays across the board for all of the trains that running, bart, caltrain and muni. ace is closed today. if you rely on that you want to make other arrangements. >> or stay home. a look outside now, i-80 in berkeley. traffic there light and moving
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along. no problems on 80 if you plan to do christmas shopping this morning, you see there, this time on a normal morning this would be packed, but it is not. good going now if you want to leave home. it is christmas eve which means santa claus is preparing to deliver presents to the good boys and girls. here he is in finland this morning loading up his sleigh with toys. it looks like santa and rudolph, ready to go santa's workshop in a secret location, spends the year getting ready to deliver presents overnight on christmas eve, including answering letters from children and listening to their requests itch >> the other reindeer gets a off? -- queen elizabeth paying tribute to athletes in her christmas broadcast hailing the splendid summer of sport and highlighting how the men and women allowed expect day are -- spectators to feel part
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of the excitement and drama, the broadcast will be broadcast in 3-d. buckingham palace says the queen is recovering from a cold but expected to attend church services as well as a family celebration tomorrow. pro vassnators, your time is up -- procrastinators, your time is up! next the information you need to get your shopping done. while were you sleeping, a drunk driving suspect takes a plunge while
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good morning i'm kristen sze in for -- i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. a break from the rain we had over the weekend. only for christmas eve.
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>> let's in with mike. >> i'm meteorologist mike nicco in for old man winter this morning. come on that's the best i could do, nobody is laughing, fine. dry out this morning. going to remain dry for the better part of today, good news if you have to do shopping, maybe i'll run into it you today. 38 napa, everybody else in the 40s as you step out now. high temperatures today in the upper 40s to low 50s, breezy at our coasts, partly cloudy everywhere break from the rain, mid 50s. here's that tough audience katie and eric. awww, we were laughing on the inside. >> where it counts. we are doing traffic this morning sue has the day off. there is flooding on highway 121 between 116 and 37, the route between petaluma and napa, don't know how bad it
5:30 am
is. enough that you might want to consider alternate routes. taking a look at drive times, 15 minutes, 18 minutes, 19 minutes, everything moving along smooth sailing, i don't do a lot of commuting in the morning so early rick you have to tell me if that is normal. >> that is good, with westbound 4, traffic is light, you can tell from those times. news right now, developing news in the north bay police in ross will resume their search for a suspected drunk driver after they lost him near the college of marin, the driver bolted from his car during a traffic stop on sir francis drake after midnight, officers chased him and lost sight of him near stadium way. rescue team from the fire department searched but were unable to find that driver. the same flooding that chased hundreds out of their peninsula hopes last night is threatening to undermine levees lining the creek.
5:31 am
terry mcsweeney is live in palo alto, officials are keeping a close eye on things there's promising news there, right? >> reporter: yeah, there is. if you look at the creek now, it is dropping even in the hour since our first report this morning, dropping steadily since last night, ian if you can show the mud give people an idea how high this got, here, over the bridge to where we are standing now it has dropped significantly. video last night, started in palo alto by the four seasons hotel, at one point at university avenue exit on 101, chp had to escort cars along keep them out of the deeper water. businesses were flooded, hundreds of people had to be evacuated at the garden subdivision. there are concerns about the
5:32 am
levees. >> we have 600 feet of levee that has had overbanking still going on carving, a levee up. >> reporter: carving the levee up they will have an inspect sun today. there is -- inspection today there. is money in the pipeline, more needed to make these repairs permanent. last time it flooded this badly in the area 1998. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. thousands of bay area residents were without power this morning as rain and wind pounded the region right now 7,000 customers are still without power marks majority on the peninsula, where 5,000 people in the dark. in the north bay, the number is 1600, 350 in the east bay and in the south bay about 200 homes and businesses are without power this morning. highway 12 remains closed west of sonoma due to downed
5:33 am
power lines, flood waters that inundated highway 12 and 120 within during yesterday's storm receding, 12 remains shutdown this morning until crews can repair the downed wires west of the north bay skwraopbgs. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. >> traffic moving again on stony point road in cotati after crews worked quickly to fill a growing sinkhole, runoff overwhelmed a drainage culvert under the road the extra water washed away the ground under the pavement, crews installed metal plates to support the cars while the culvert is repaired. santa cruz county of felton cleaning up, after the storm forced road closures and evacuations there. the san lorenzo river reached four feet over flood stage yesterday, 40 families in the community of felton grove had to leave their homes. dan and liz say they did get
5:34 am
plenty of advance warning. >> first it was an advisory only then it became mandatory as it was clear the river was going to come up. >> streets in felton where from six inch to four feet underwater. photos taken by alex, she show the area at the height of the -- they show the area at the height of the flooding. a police car had to be towed out. we have resources on how to be save on look under see it on tv. we would love for to you share your weather video or pictures send them to ureport. centers are counting on shoppers to be out in force -- stores are counting on shoppers to be out in force today after lackluster sales
5:35 am
over the weekend. >> reporter: 17 million americans will be out shopping today, to get people to spend money in their stores, retailers big and small are offering deep discounts and extended hours. a little list, opening times vary depending on location across the board costco and best buy open until 5 tonight. macy's and michael's, until 6:00, target and toys "r" us open until 10. if you are feeling that you have last minute luck and you want to push it, if you are feeling advent rurs, wall tkpwraepbs open all day -- advent russ, walgreens is open all day tomorrow. stores hope those hours will get customers out, consumer confidence fell this month to a five month low, u.s. online sales increased 8% this season, sounds good, not good compared to last year's 16% gain.
5:36 am
still, shoppers are expected to spend an average $304 in this last minute push. the good news is if you have peace of mind is brave the crowds today, you will be rewarded with deals, some stores offering 70% off. we have three in our newsroom shopping today, so they have deals ahead of them. back to you. >> is she calling me out again? >> i think so. >> reporter: yes, but you are included with other people this time, martin our producer and our executive producer, terry i'm going to throw everyone under the bus. >> thank you very much. >> not me, thanks kira. new numbers about the power outages we'll have those in just a second. right now the weather and a break in the rain for us. >> i want to carpool to the mall? >> you too? >> yeah i always go out and christmas eve because i'm finished, i like to watch everybody else panic.
5:37 am
actually, i have shopping to do. good morning. all kidding aside, nice day to be out and about, rain is over, nice northwest flow ahead of our next system, drier flow that's why we hardly have clouds and no radar returns, so much moisture being released in the form of fog, thickest around santa rosa, 3/4 visible, livermore three fog in the east bay vallallies. -- valleys. low -- temperature drops off into the low to mid 40s by 7:00. christmas going forward, rain returns in the afternoon hours tomorrow heavy during the evening then scattered showers wednesday, dry again thursday, mainly in the low to mid 50s all three days. 5:38 eric and you are keeping an eye on traffic which so far has been light. >> sue has the day off.
5:38 am
let's take you out now, believe me, trust me when i tell you on the other side of those droplets the golden gate bridge, headlights heading southbound, he very easy to get into san francisco. >> similar look albeit drier along 101 past san rafael, no trouble there, headlights cruising along. lingering storm making getting home for christmas a challenge across par of the nation. meteorologists are worried about the -- the nightmare after christmas. rain here means snow in the sierra, warning going out to anyone headed to the
5:39 am
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. good morning. merry christmas eve morning. you are looking live outside beautiful san francisco, bay bridge in the background, embarcadero in the foreground. quiet, dark, not a lot of activity that goes for the weather as well this is our one and only break from the storm. mike will have more coming up. search of road off richmond parkway reopened this morning after flooding forced closure. giant highway near the parkway took on water all day yesterday. the landscape along the road became so saturated rainwater was rolling off it.
5:42 am
the road had to be closed until the flood water drained off. >> heavy rain caused a creek to overflow by the afternoon appian way turned into a lake at least four homes were flooded. the weather is bringing lots of snow to the sierra. here's a view from highway 80 at donner lake late yesterday. two tow trucks were the only vehicles on the road for a time as heavy snow fell. this morning chains are mandatory on almost all mountain highways. >> the snow is making skiers and resources happy. several feet of fresh snow has fallen in the sierra. the view is heavenly mountain from the resort sports network camera, this will be one of the snowiest christmases for the tahoe area in years. san francisco international -- expect nose weather-related delays today, great news for travelers whose flights were cancelled this weekend. others spent hours waiting for departing and arriving flights. at one point arriving flights
5:43 am
were delayed for up to two hours. go to the flight tracker on the front page of the weather is not making it easy to get there on the east coast residents of syracuse, new york are dealing with this. they are waking up to plows working over time, frustrated drivers stuck with no place to go. it is not over yet. meteorologists are worried about what could be the nightmare after christmas. two new storms are moving in. forcasters predicting a white christmas with more snow expected this afternoon and evening. >> yikes! >> beautiful up until it ruins your plans. a lot of people have two cars in new york, one for winter, summer, different lifestyle than what we are used to here. when we are dealing with the rain again tomorrow into
5:44 am
possibly thursday, or wednesday just remember that at least we are not dealing with all that snow and the issues that it can cause, good morning. clear from sutro tower towards the east bay hills, live doppler has a few radar returns over the ocean otherwise clearing conditions and a little fog forring don't for bet that especially inland. -- for forget that especially inland. with guerneville going to peak a little over 30 feet, flood stages 32 getting up into that possible cautionary place that some of the smaller or lower banks may get a little flooding napa river flood stage 25 feet, it did get chose it peaked last night now it is receding. mainly low to mid 40s san francisco 49, upper 30s in
5:45 am
santa rosa, napa. san jose 44. partly cloudy, dry today, wet and breezy tomorrow afternoon and evening and mainly dry thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. a chance of showers thursday and sunday, remote for sure, friday and saturday the driest days in the forecast. when you step out it is clear other than the fog. next system will move in quickly coming tomorrow. 5:00 this evening high clouds coming in tonight, when we wake up tomorrow morning, nothing just cloud cover. noon some of the steadier rain moving into the north bay, heavier rain moving into the heart of the bay by 3:00, south bay bay 5, exits 6, 7, scattered showers tuesday night into wednesday morning more scattered showers wednesday afternoon taper quickly towards wednesday
5:46 am
evening. rainfall amounts shouldn't cause flooding. slight chance of a shower thursday, dry friday, saturday, another slight chance of a shower sunday. sue hall is off today. imagine we are sue hall doing traffic. >> between the two of us we can almost pull off what she does every morning. we start out with this map looking at northbound 101 at oakland road in san jose, there's been an accident, a car has spun out on the right hand side. >> also in san jose, highway 87, man, is it light out there this morning. it is light every place on this christmas eve. another big possible strike is looming at the docks. >> here's this morning's bloomberg business report. shipments from clothes to
5:47 am
auto parts may be at risk of sitting on oakland water as 15,000 dock workers prepare to strike from maine to texas, a huge blow to the economy for retailing and manufacturing. lawmakers are getting more skeptical of kong -- that congress and president obama can reach a deal. house republican leaders cancelled a vote on speaker boehner's plan b. driving is costing you less, gas prices dropped to the lowest level in a year. enjoy it while you can. lumberg says prices may rise as much as 10 cents a gallon over the next few days as refiners and gas stations try to recover some lost margins. google designing a smartphone. sources tell the "wall street journal," engineers at motto rolla working on a top secret -- device dubbed the x-phone a bendable screen. the paper says google is
5:48 am
looking to release it sometime next year. at the new york stock exchange i'm ellen brightman with the bloomberg business report. widespread flooding across parts of the u.k. have left many facing a damp christmas hardest east-northeast scott , scout west england and wales. cornwall has more than -- 200 flood warnings in place. flooding is disrupting holiday travel with the main rail line impasseable. crews are working to finish the damage. the work will finish too late for travelers. ongoing labor dispute threatens to make this a sour holiday for hundreds of bay area patients. o e 9ers in the emerald city. it want a player on the roster who did the most damage, the fans were the 12 inn man.
5:49 am
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several medical facilities throughout the bay area are bracing for a one day nurses' strike today 5,000 planning to protest cuts in wages and working conditions, affecting near all of sutter's bay area facilities this is the latest
5:52 am
walk-out in a contract dispute between the nurses and the hospitals. sutter says replacement nurses will be brought in. southern california's crab season delayed again not because of price. this third delay is caused by quality tests. they show the crab's body weight has less than 25% meat. the california department of fish and game says it is die deal the crab's bed be -- it is ideal the crab's bed be at last 25%. the new date is january 15th. 49ers get next chance to clinch division next week against cardinals after seahawks shut them down last night and clinched their own shot. -- their own spot. davis suffered a concussion, chancellor who hit him was penalized. the 9ers scored field goal
5:53 am
blocks return for a touchdown, quarterback kaepernick who had several great weeks seeped flustered and disorganized doo -- deemed flustered and disorganized. seahawks take the win 42-13 the most points the 9ers have given up since harbaugh took over as head coach. we are keeping an eye on the weather. today saturday to dry out, partly cloudy, temperatures mainly in the mid 50s, upper 40s to low 50s along the coast, a little breezy from time to time. yesterday southern california rain snow starting to taper everywhere good day get up to tahoe if you are heading that way. mid 50s southern california, 51 sacramento, 58 big sur and sun. winter vice -- winter advisory
5:54 am
tomorrow for tahoe, 10 to 15 inches of snow above 7,000 feet, 5 to 10 inches at lake level, more fresh powder to ski on. eric and i keeping an eye on traffic, sue has the morning off. there's flooding on highway 121 between 116 and 37 between and napa expect delays due to standing water it is going to be closed partially until 7:00 this morning. >> mass transit ace closed and muni on its saturday schedule. >> this is northbound 101 at old oakland road san jose, spin-out causing problem there is. the golden gate bridge you can see drop lets on the showing -- see the droplets on the
5:55 am
lens. south bay man and his daughter recovering after having been rescued john page and his 16-year-old daughter were rescued after they got stuck in the mud when the tide out they were stranded for hours yesterday around 1, crews received the 911 call for help, teams found them fast using triangulation equipment and a little help from the gps on page's phone. >> we just got stuck and it would have been a long time before the tides and the storm went away, we were freezing. i had my iphone and it was charged in a waterproof pouch before we went out. >> once on land they were given dry clothes and treated for mild hypothermia. they should be fine. fire crews say this was the third such rescue they performed this month. researchers at yale find a significant number of overweight kids are bullied by adults, 42% of those who
5:56 am
experienced bullying reported it had been done by a sports coach, 37% a parent and 37% said a teacher. the research found that verbal teasing was the most common form of bullying. your belly button is crawling with bacteria. researchers phone more than 2,000 different species of bacteria live in there, more than the different kinds of birds in north america. doctors not surprised they say the belly button is not sterile. next, the weekend storm may be gone but the concern along the peninsula isn't going away. levees emergency officials are keeping a close eye on homeowners had to flee. later, an important tool in keeping any house clean. the vacuum. michael finney is ahead with the models coming out on top in a new consumer reports comparison test.
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left doppler 7 hd shows dry conditions across the bay area meteorologist mike nicco says christmas day is going to be a wet within. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] good morning i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. mike is here with a look at forecast. it was touch and go for a while at some of our creeks and streams are those are receding as katie mentioned and i'll show you some of the rivers north where we have still have a flood watch for the russian river near ville it is starting to recede -- near


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